Thursday, February 21, 2013

Thing 8

There were so many great things to try in this assignment. I found myself signing up for a bunch of new things. I played around with Wikispaces and I can see where I could add my students to the account and have them create pages about what they are learning in class. I am planning to start a poetry unit when we get back to school and I would like them to be able to post their poems for others to see. I think this would be a great way for them to receive feedback from their classmates. I also signed up for Diigo and found that to be very interesting. I see similarities between this and Mentor Mob. I could create activities based on a certain unit we are studying. I especially like the highlighting and sticky note aspect of this site. I already have a Dropbox account, but I used this assignment as a motivation for organizing it. I find myself doing a lot of searching at home these days and I have been emailing documents to myself at school. The problem then becomes that I have all these things in my inbox and when I get to school I don't file them on my school computer like I should. My new plan is to save them immediately to my dropbox folders so I have access to them at home and at school. I found myself going through my Dropbox folders and organizing them so they are more useful. I was reading through some of the participants' blogs when I saw a mention of Kidblog. I did some blogging with my class last year, but we haven't tried it yet this year. I really like the looks of this site and it was very easy to set up an account. I posted an introduction to my students and when we get back to school I would like them to start using this site as a way to connect with each other about what we are doing in class. On another note, right before break my students all shared the Glogs they created using Glogster based on a scientist they had researched. Going through the process once more with our library media specialist turned out to be a great experience for the kids. Despite some computer glitches they loved creating the Glogs and many of them have expressed interest in doing some extra credit Glog projects in the future.