Sunday, January 27, 2013

Thing 7

I really enjoyed using Screenr this week. I had heard about it and I know other teachers who use it, but I didn't realize how easy it is. I did find myself making about 5 copies before I felt comfortable publishing it. I either went too long or didn't like something I said. I can see how planning everything out first is really important. I can see many uses for something like this. I like that I can give directions to something and students can have access to it whenever they want. I decided to make a video with directions to a computer program we frequently use for skill review. I know the type of questions kids usually have about the program so I was able to address those in my video. I can see using this for many other things in the classroom. Next time I will try something related to a lesson that I am teaching.

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  1. Really enjoying your posts. Sorry it's taken me so long to catch up with them all!